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Analogā bungu mašīna Arturia DrumBrute

DrumBrute PURE ANALOG BEATS DrumBrute is an all-in-one analog drum machine designed with performance and in-depth sound editing at its

Analogā bungu mašīna Arturia DrumBrute Impact

DrumBrute Impact THE BEAST STRIKES BACK Get ready to meet a different kind of Brute. A drum machine with attitude,

Analogais sintezators Arturia MatrixBrute

MatrixBrute ANALOG AVANT-GARDE MatrixBrute is arguably the most powerful analog monophonic synthesizer ever ! As flexible as a modular system

Analogais sintezators Arturia MicroBrute

MicroBrute LOOKS TINY, SOUNDS MASSIVE MicroBrute is a pure analog sonic powerhouse of a synth. Small in size but loaded

Analogais sintezators Arturia MiniBrute 2

MiniBrute 2 WIRED UP, ANALOG MUTANT MiniBrute 2 has evolved from the legendary monosynth that revolutionized the analog scene with

Analogais sintezators Arturia MiniBrute 2S

MiniBrute 2S UNRESTRAINED ANALOG The synth that kick-started the affordable analog revolution is reborn as an addictive, inspiring step-sequencing synth

Analogais sintezators Arturia PolyBrute

PolyBrute MORPHING ANALOG POLYSYNTH PolyBrute is more than a synthesizer – it’s a 6-voice analog powerhouse, with unprecedented expressivity and

Casio CDP-S110 BK

Slim Body Design with a Depth of Just 232 mm Simple but Sleek Casio’s proprietary high-density mounting technology, with miniaturized

Eksperimentālais hibrīda sintezators Arturia MicroFreak

MicroFreak EXPERIMENTAL HYBRID SYNTH A synthesizer like no other, MicroFreak is a peculiar, exceptional instrument that rewards the curious musician.

Moduļu sistēmas statīvs Arturia RackBrute 3U

RackBrute 3U TACTICAL EURORACK ARMOR RackBrute 3U is a comprehensive Eurorack housing, transport, and protection solution. Featuring configurable positions, dependable

Moduļu sistēmas statīvs Arturia RackBrute 6U

RackBrute 6U ARMORED EURORACK CARRIER RackBrute 6U is an all-inclusive Eurorack case ensuring the total security of your modules and

Sintezators CASIO CT-X3000C7

Keyboard 61 keys Touch response 3 types, off Maximum Polyphony 64 notes (32 for certain tones) Tones  Sound Source: AiX