HOKEMA – Kalimba B5

smallest model and is fitted with five tines mounted on a solid mahogany block.The sound of the instrument can be

HOKEMA – Sansula Deluxe

The Sansula Deluxe is a further development of our basic Sansula model. In response to the wishes expressed by many

Kalimba 7 tones

Kalimba made of wood with 7 different tonesKalimbas are typical African instruments. You hold it with both hands and pluck

Kalimba 9 Mini

Kalimba professional version, with 9 tones on a Sono wood panel, stainless spring steel, tuned in Major Pentatonic a,c,e,f,a,a,b,c,eKalimba professional

Kalimba 9 Skin

Kalimba with 9 tones on a goat skin covered frame. Best spring Steel ensures a professional sound volume, tuned in

Kalimba wood 10 tones

Kalimba wood in the afrikan style. Good sound with 10 tonesKalimbas are typical African instruments.You hold it with both hands