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Behringer XD8USB E-Drum Set

8-Piece Electronic Drum Set with 123 Sounds, 15 Drum Sets and USB Interface XD8USB The XD8USB 8-piece electronic drum set

Digitālo bungu komplekts ALESIS Command Mesh Kit

Up for Any BattleThe Command Mesh Kit features all mesh-head pads that deliver an authentic drumming experience. This kit includes

Digitālo bungu komplekts ALESIS Nitro Mesh Kit

Premium Feel and Natural Dynamics/Feel the Difference Mesh Can Make The Alesis Nitro Mesh is a complete 8-piece electronic drum

Digitālo bungu komplekts ALESIS Surge Mesh Kit

Premium Feel and Natural DynamicsThe Surge Mesh Kit is a complete 8-piece electronic drum kit that includes everything a drummer

E-Drum Cymbal Cymbal pad GEWA Made in Germany E-Drum

Made in GermanyE-Drum cymbal pad3 zones (Bow, Bell, Edge)6.3 mm stereo jack outputMeasurements and weight based on Paiste 2002 series3-Zones

E-Drum Cymbal Hi-hat Pad GEWA Made in Germany E-Drum

Made in GermanyE-Drum Hi-hat pad complete3 zones (Bow, Bell, Edge)Measurements and weight based on Paiste 2002 series6.3 mm stereo jack

E-Drum Pad Tom Pad GEWA E-Drum

E-Drum pad blackREMO USA True Rebound Mesh Head 2-Zones (Head, Rim)DWe Trigger Zone6.3 mm stereo jack inputCompatible with most drum

Hardware 3 Sided Rack DWe E-Drum

DWe 3-Side Rack SystemSteel / Aluminium4-leggedChromeConsisting of:6x T-Tube clamp3x Ball clamp1x Accessory clamp2x Memory Lock 1.5″4x Rubber feet7x 1.5″ Stainless

Hardware 3 Sided Rack DWe E-Drum

DWe 3-Side Rack SystemSteel / Hybrid4-leggedBlackConsisting of:4x T-Tube clamp (plastic)2x T-Tube clamp 4x Accessory clamp (plastic)3x Memory Lock 1,5″ (plastic)4x

Hardware Ball Clamp DWe E-Drum

Die castingFor DWe Rack Weight: 0.10 Box Length: Box Width: Box Depth:

Hardware Hi-hat stand DWe E-Drum

DWe Hi-hat stand 3500eSpecific cymbal seat for GEWA Hi-hat controllerSpecific “One-Touch” Hi-hat clutch for GEWA E-cymbalsHeight adjustment incl. Memory LockAdjustable

Hardware Pedal DWe E-Drum

DWe Single Pedal 3000Fix base plate with non-slip rubber coatingDouble chainSide adjusting hoop clampDW “Accelerator” driveAdjustable beater angleAdjustable pedal base