Baroque trombone/Sackbut NARTISS

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Baroque trombone/Sackbut NARTISS




Handmade instrument  

Renaissance style

Bell 111 mm  

Bore 13,2 mm  

Yellow Brass bell  

Hard chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides

Double Layer bell with no wire inside edge of the bell 

Lacquered - model NATB731-1 or antique lacquered - model NATB731-2  

2 tuning slides - 442 Hz (can be tuned to 440 Hz) and 415 Hz   

Gold plated mouthpiece with specially designed lip plate for more comfortable playing       



7 positions on tuning 442Hz

6 positions on tuning 415Hz   


Very lightweight and ultracompact case  

Lubricant for slide  



Responses to our instrument

 "I love my new Nartiss Tenor Sackbut! This beautiful horn sounds great and has a wonderful Renaissance sound!"

Bob Ferrel, International Jazz Trombonist-Sackbut & Buccin Dragon Trombones & Private Music Instructor       


"I have been privileged to be one of the lucky first to try out the new sackbut of the young NARTISS company, and I am left with a great first impression. From the experience of 2 concert programs played with the instrument I am safe to say that it allows the player to produce a pleasant tone in all registers. Since the NARTISS sackbut is manufactured from strong metal I am specially pleased with the sound of the low register. I was able to avoid a few instrument changes, thanks to the rich tone produced by the NARTISS tenor, whilst playing the bass part. In the same time it asures great playability in the upper register. NARTISS tenor sackbut has given me a splended impression, and it is with great interest I am looking foreward to the bass and alto models."


Valter Jürgenson, Early music ensemble Hortus Musicus, Tallinn, Estonia


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