Crystalbowl 20inch (50cm) tuned in F3 (440Hz), frosted glass, deep version. The Crystal bowls consist of 99,9% pure quartz glass (SIO2) and perfect tuned.
Crystal bowls have a very special sound and sonority. The extreme sustain and the energetic and spatial tone is very fascinating. The spherical sound seems to float in space like it does not even has its source in the bowl. The biggest bowls can sound for several minutes. Due to their height they appear much bigger as their diameter suggests. The Crystal bowls consist of 99,9% pure quartz glass (SIO2). Since also natural rock crystal consists of the same material, this bowls are called Crystal bowls or Rock Crystal bowls. The crystal bowls have their domain in overtone concerts, sound travels and meditation and be used excellently in bigger rooms. Since the bowls do not vibrate on the ground, you can put a candle inside to create an atmospheric effect in a dark room.

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Crystalbowl 20 F3, 440Hz

  • Brand: TERRE
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