Jingle Pep, Muilti usable jingle sound for many purposes
Discover new sound-variations with Majid Drums “Jingle Pep”. This innocent looking instrument is the perfect add-on for every drum and has a huge effect. You will be able to improve your whole sound using the “Jingle Pep”. The add-on is compoundable with every instrument using either its magnet to attach it to the drumming surface or the rim, or simply by wearing the “Jingle Pep” as a ring on the finger. These techniques enable the player to adjust the position of the Jingle Pep on the surface to create different sounds and even the use of the “Jingle Pep” as a Body-Percussion instrument. The player is also able to adjust the jingles due to a screw system. This allows the player to define the intensity of the jingle sound. The “Jingle Pep” offers a great sound variation and a lot of performance options. It is an effective add-on for both professional musician as well as hobby drummers.

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Jingle Pep Majid

  • Brand: TERRE
  • Product SKU Code: 38MAJ30
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