Profile: Vintage Traditional 2 (round "Ears", half-round hoop profile)

Number of holes: 4-hole (all bongos)

Material thickness: 5 mm

Material: steel

Crown (shell): Standard LP professional sizes

Tuning system: traditional (tuning lugs)

Fitting heads:NaturalLP263A/LP264 (Hand Picked) &

M263 (Matador)SyntheticLP Valje Tucked Fiberskyn LPV1400I (7") &

LPV1400J (8,5")Remo Tucked M9/R-Series M6 (7"/8,5"/9")

Models:LPV1400 Valje Heritage Bongos (Made in USA)

Compatibility:Suitable for each LP bongo shell with same size. Size corresponds to the largest diameter of the shell (crown). Alternative to Matador Traditional Bongo Rims

Finish: Chrome

PU: 1 piece

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Hooped Bongo Vintage Traditional Typ 2 - Valje Heritage - LPV1400-O + LPV1400-M Chrome 8 1/2"

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