Characteristics Comfort Curve 2: Comfort Curve describes the characteristcs of the profile. The bed of the head is welded into the hoop which minimises the gap between head and hoop. The head ring of Comfort Curve hoops is slightly outside the bed which helps centering the head during fitting.

Profile:Comfort Curve 2

Width: Z Series (Extended Collar) - 9,5 mm wider than X Series &

Traditional Rim

Material thickness: 4 mm

Material: steel

Crown (shell): Standard (head crown identical to Matador, Top Tuning, X Series &

Traditional Rims)

Tuning system: traditional (tension rods)

Fitting heads: LP803A (Requinto) &

LP274 (other sizes)

Models:LP Giovanni Palladium14" LP Galaxy Giovanni Djembé (Chrome HW)

Compatibility:- Compatible with Classic and Matador when choosing the corresponding head- Identical with Galaxy Rims in chrome- Not compatible with Top Tuning Systems

Finish: Chrome

PU: 1 piece

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Hooped Conga Comfort Curve II - Z Series (Extended Collar) - Chrom 11 3/4" Conga | 6 hole

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