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Dear Friends!

You are welcome to my music store. I'm professional musician and this music store is opened with aim to give for my colleagues - professional musicians and amateurs best instruments for friendliest price.

Friendliest Music store www.nartiss.lv is open for cooperation with customers in all Europe.

We are VAT payer and inside Europe price for instruments and accessoires for customers who also are VAT payers will go without our Latvian VAT 21%.

We are working with best world's musical instrument manufacturers like: 

- String instruments 

GEWApure, GEWA strings, Rubner, Michael Glass, Drechsler, Aubert, Glasser, Despiau, Augustin, Kun, Bernarde, Millant-Deroux, Wolf, Shadow pickups

Wind instruments

Vincent Bach, Buffet Crampon, Leblanc, Yanagisawa, C.G.Conn, Besson, B&S, A.Courtois, Miraphone, Hans Hoyer, King, Holton, Melton, S.E.Shires, Nartiss Latvia, Henri Selmer Paris, Denis Wick, Rico, Vandoren, Gebruder Monnig, Oscar Adler, J.Keilwerth, Roy Benson, Armstrong, Pearl, Adams, Altus, Azumi, Jupiter, pBone, pTrumpet, JoRal, Tom Crown, EMO, Humes&Berg, Neotech, Reka, Slide-O-Mix, La Tromba, Hetman, BG Franck Bichon, Lungentrainer Breath accessoires

Hohner un Walther mutes harmonikas un melodikas


Drum Workshop (DW), Gretsch, Gibraltar, Latin Percussion (LP), Meinl, Pearl, PDP by DW, Drumcraft, Basix, Remo, Evans, ViFirth, ProMark, Toca, GEWA, Majestic, Adams


     - Acoustic piano - Wilh.Steinberg 

     - Digital piano and synthesizers - GEWA piano (Made in Germany), CASIO, Dynatone, Nord, M-Audio

     - Accordions - Weltmeister, Pigini, Excelsior, Scandalli, Hohner

- Guitars

Epiphone, Gibson, Cort, Crafter, VGS, Lackland bass, Ovation, Adamas, Schaller, LAG, Sigma, Schecter

Shadow pickups, Fishman, TC Electronic

- Strings for guitars and string instruments

Elixir, Ernie Ball, D’Addario, Dunlop, GHS, Savarez, Hannabach, Dean Markley, Pyramid, La Bella, Romana, Martin, Gibson, Tenson

Thomastik, Larsen, Optima, Nürnberger, Prim, Corelli, Jargar, Classic Line

- Audio, PA, studio

ZOOM recording devices, Presonus, Apogee, HK Audio, Senheiser, Audix, Peavey, sE Electronics, Alpha Audio, JamStands Ultimate Support, BSX stands, GEWA stands, K&M stands, 

- Bags and cases

GEWA, Jaeger, BAM, 

- Exotic instruments

Terre, Hokema kalimbasKOSHI vēja zvani, Altaja vargāni, Latvijā ražotas zvangas

Different accessories

K&M, Wittner, 

Question about the shipping - if it is inside Europe, we will ship our products basicly via GLS. If You have ideas how to send the goods cheaper, I'm open for Your ideas every time.

So, thanks for visiting my music store and thanks for our cooperation in a future.


Best regards,


Vairis Nartiss