Presentation of our NEW Tenor Sackbut NARTISS NATB731

Promotion price 1054,21 LVL (1500 EUR) 695,78 LVL (990 EUR) until 31.03.2013.


Air 442Hz


Allegretto 442Hz



Air 415Hz


Allegretto 415Hz



Handmade instrument           

Bell 111 mm       

Bore 13,2 mm       

Yellow Brass bell       

Hard chrome-plated nickel silver inner slides       

Double Layer bell with no wire inside edge of the bell       

Lacquered - model NATB731-1 or antique lacquered - model NATB731-2       

2 tuning slides - 442 Hz (can be tuned to 440 Hz) and 415 Hz       

Gold plated mouthpiece with specially designed lip plate for more comfortable playing       


            7 positions on tuning 442Hz

            6 positions on tuning 415Hz       


Very lightweight and ultracompact case       

Lubricant for slide                          











Who is Vairis Nartiss?

            Vairis Nartiss is a trombone player from Latvia. He has a solo career in Latvia, he plays the trombone in the Latvian National Opera Symphony Orchestra, he has his own music store NartissLV, and his own Support programm for talented kids to support their development in their professional life.     

            In his solo career he develop instrumental peformances, and 


works hard to make trombone as attractive instrument. He also uses many contemporary devices to get more plentyful  sound out of the trombone - multi effect proccessors, loop machine etc. He is looking also on the trombone some effects which have also very rich range of his own potential - 2 voice, 3 voices, rales etc.       

            For this moment Vairis Nartiss is one of the biggest Authority in Latvian Brass movement.       

            V.Nartiss now has one of the biggest Music stores in Latvia, with quite big warehouse and in the set with this stock he develops new Musical instruments, like this Sackbut and accessories for contemporary Brass instruments, like Exclusive Wooden Mutes for Trumpet and Trombone and handguards for Brass instruments to protect them from hand sweat.                          

How did it start?

            It started around 2009 - Vairis Nartiss wanted to purchase Sackbut to test how does it sound, to see if he has any interest in learning to play on it? Unfortunately it was very hard to find any cheap, good quality instruments. Used instrument market for early instruments was  also empty - nobody sold these instruments, but new instruments were very expensive.       

            Finally V.Nartiss got instrument and started to learn it - how to play and how is it built. In 2010 he attracted 3 craftsmen and slowly, step-by-step started to build new Sackbuts. They all tested a lot of features how to get better sound.They were also looking for innovations to "faciliate life" for performers who will play new NARTISS Sackbut. Finally in 2012 this instrument is finished. NARTISS team is happy to offer you our first instrument on the International market.         

            We are sure that our Sackbut with many innovations will attract more and more performers - not only professionals. We hope that this competitive price will attract many students, amateurs and music fanciers who like to play early brass music.       


In the construction of our Sackbut NARTISS NATB731 we made some innovations.

            1. No wire in the bell. It was a big challenge to build up professional bell with double layer on the bell but without the inside wire.         

Why did we do that? It helps to get more colourful sound. Wire in the bell gathers the sound and performer has less choice how to make his sound more colourful with his lips, breathing and emotions.       


            2. Mouthpiece. To distract any allergic reactions which can proceed from unplated or silver plated mouthpieces, we made Gold plated finish to our mouthpiece.       

            We analized how to form our point of view for making the balance between early design and thickness of the walls of our mouthpiece.        

            We made a little bigger backbore to get more powerful sound in the set with our bell without wire.       

            Last thing for our mouthpiece is rounded lip plate - for usual Baroque instrument mouthpieces one of biggest problem is straight ans axle lip plate. This is a reason why it is not possible to play this instrument for very long time - Your lips soon become tired, isn't it? We were working to get this balance between early music sound and a little " contemporary instrument" mouthpiece lipplate.       


Why is this instrument so cheap now?

          NARTISS is new brand in Musical instrument manufacture world. We want to show You that we can build up very good instruments. So, that's why we give You this unbelievable PROMO price until March 31st 2013 - 990 EUR.       



          This is our first own built instrument. In the future we will develop full set of Sackbuts - Tenor Sackbut, Alto Sackbut and Bass Sackbut. We are planning to build up also our contemporary trombone. Next? We will see what will happen next. 





Responses to our instrument

 "I love my new Nartiss Tenor Sackbut! This beautiful horn sounds great and has a wonderful Renaissance sound!"

Bob Ferrel, International Jazz Trombonist-Sackbut & Buccin Dragon Trombones & Private Music Instructor       


"I have been privileged to be one of the lucky first to try out the new sackbut of the young NARTISS company, and I am left with a great first impression. From the experience of 2 concert programs played with the instrument I am safe to say that it allows the player to produce a pleasant tone in all registers. Since the NARTISS sackbut is manufactured from strong metal I am specially pleased with the sound of the low register. I was able to avoid a few instrument changes, thanks to the rich tone produced by the NARTISS tenor, whilst playing the bass part. In the same time it asures great playability in the upper register. NARTISS tenor sackbut has given me a splended impression, and it is with great interest I am looking foreward to the bass and alto models."


Valter Jürgenson, Early music ensemble Hortus Musicus, Tallinn, Estonia

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